Out of Office, Out of Mind ChocoTravels

heart on chocolateWhen the forecast calls for rain  foretelling fractionalized foot traffic, our forebrains focus on the foreign. In other words — and without f’ing around anymore — maybe it’s time to take a choco-themed trip? An imaginary one (in case it doesn’t rain or there’ll be more business tomorrow) to Europe.

Let’s start with a quick stop in the land of blarney. Famed Irish potato chip creator Tayto has gone where no one would ever previously considered to dare. They introduced a limited edition, crispy chocolate bar, a flavor with odd appeal worldwide described as “an unusual taste — crunchy chocolate and then a lingering taste of cheese of onion,” consumed faster and by larger quantities of people than common sense would ever suggest. Could there be an odd — and, yes, we do mean, odd — bar left for us to pick up and consider?

Next, it’s southeast to France. There, we’re torn about how to approach Paris. Should we go the ChocoParis walking tour route and head in a pre-planned direction? Or would it be better to wander rue to rue searching for that one chocolatiere that could actually serve as a real life setting for the love stories of Jenny Colgan’s Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris?

Perhaps we should forego Paris and hie to the country’s “chocolate capitol,” Bayonne. The city fathers just begun a two-day festival celebrating cacao creations and paying particular tribute to the traveling Jews who spent some time in the city laying the foundation for today’s acclaim, before getting kicked out because … well just because.

Upon return from this trip of the mind we’re thinking right now to go Italian. End the faux travels with chocolate lasagna, a meat dish courtesy of French-Swiss Francis-Xavier and then follow with dessert courtesy of a post of San Diego’s Vanessa (@cleandirtyeats) who put up a chocolate lasagna recipe at her Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind site.

Back to hoping for work. Delicious travels all.

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