Bark’s Better Each Bite

chocolate barkMix and sheet.

Sounds disgusting, but those are the basics for the joy d’kitchen, chocolate bark. More appetizing now, right?

The easiest, most versatile and almost always delicious bark is pretty much anything anyone wants to make, as long as it includes chocolate and doesn’t look like a cake or pie or cookie.

A quick Google offers, among other guides Moms Kitchen Handbooks’ Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, LiveLovePasta’s Caramel Pretzel Almond Bark and videos for, among, many, many others:

Pecan cranberry chocolate bark

Dark Chocolate, Walnut, Apricot Bark

Easy peasy Chocolate Peppermint Chocolate Bark

Raw Vegan Cayenne Carob Superfood Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is really just an excuse to melt a high quality chocolate and add lots of tasty stuff without worrying so much about the shape in which it will end up. If the spirit moves you, however, get a frame and pour the chocolate and mixed into a heart or dog or other shape that fits your whimsy. Toss into the refrigerator and enjoy.

What’s in the name? Not too much: it’s a chocolate concoction for the imagination. Nothing has to be included other than the chocolate so pretty much anything you can think up is the right answer. Again, just mix and sheet. If it helps, as recipe prompts consider a chocolate tree with chocolate bark or a bark (as in the ship []) sailing on chocolate seas, or even a chocolate lab whose chocolate bark is much worse than its chocolate bite. … and now (first) imagine the recipe and (second) get mixing, lay it out on a sheet, shape if you want, refrigerate 45 minutes or so and serve.

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