Up for the Game, Down for the Party Food

chocolate strawberry footballsThe biggest disappointment [so far] about Stupendous BowlTM XLVIII is that because the New Orleans Saints didn’t make it, we really don’t have a legitimate angle on which to wax rhapsodic on bourbon chocolate balls as a pre-, during-, and post-game snack.

On the good side, that teams from Washington and Colorado made it — both states that have recently legalized small amounts of personally consumed marijuana — does allow us to throw in three recipe references we otherwise wouldn’t to:

  1. Marijuana Hot Chocolate
  2. Red Velvet Cannabis Cupcakes
  3. Or for health/romance (or to save until Valentine’s Day) Cannabis-Infused, Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

But back to the game. It’s not quite an official holiday, but Sunday will be probably agreeably and mutually celebrated by more Americans than any other day. In case you need a three-plus minute primer on everything football:

… And we’re back. What is more important on a holiday than celebrating with chocolate? Don’t know and doesn’t matter, because this is what we are putting together the tasting menu for the SB[RMNNMRLS] party we’ll be attending. (One note, as much as we celebrate chocolate, it is probably worth noting that just as if the game is all defense or all offense or all penalties or all Puppy Bowl X, it could get boring. Go all #chocolate at your own risk.)

For the appetizer, we’re tinkering with chocolate guacamole and spicy chips courtesy Amy Layne. For those presumably Denver fans who aren’t feeling avocado (and Seahawk green, we’ll also be tossing out some oven-fried potato chips dipped in some melted dark chocolate and then sprinkled with a tiny bit of Mexican spice on top for the piquancy and orange they won’t want to mix with the guac.

For main course, it’s hard to see past the chocolate chili, courtesy retired roller girl rocker Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan. Somewhat regrettably, our devotion to chocolate doesn’t allow us to overcome 450,000 scoville heat units and amp this all the way up to chocolate habanero level.

Dessert contributions could include banana and dark chocolate smores for the energy needed to get through replay after timeout after ad after a few moments of action and replay (and repeat), although the whole list of “healthy” chocotapas-like creations from Chocolate Covered Katie (@ChocCoveredKt) could make for a solid alternative … and spark conversation in case the game becomes one of the SB blowouts.

We’re not on liquor duty, but if asked, there are chocolate cocktails and chocolate beers to be served.

That’s the plan, or at least the plan for the chocolate plan.

Also, speaking of ads, something to look forward to is Peanut butter and chocolate getting kinkier than missionary sex in the campaign to be unleashed during the game by from Butterfinger’s:

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2 Responses to Up for the Game, Down for the Party Food

  1. Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Thanks for the shoutout to my Chocolate Chili! That’s what we’ll be eating on Sunday while we cheer on the Broncos (even though they beat my beloved Patriots… boo!).