What Could Make 2015 the Winter of Chocolate Poetry?

child google doodleWinter’s chill, somehow, seems the perfect weather for thinking about the intersection of poetry and chocolate. The elaborating wordplay of the genre, its ability to suggest so much in content while hacking away at excesses in form, should be a perfect match for the sublime sensuality of creatively developed and enhanced cacao.

Sadly, often it is not.

There is the oft cited Rita Dove’s Chocolate noted in previous posts, but given how beloved the subject, there is surprisingly little chocolate poetry of note. A recent Google found a quasi-epic from Michael Rosen as he blended childhood joy and disappointment at its passing with his Chocolate Cake

as well as the surprisingly sensual Chocolate Poem by filmmaking poet Tehut Nine

Beyond that, there are random groupings (with the expected variability) such as the one at Poetry Soup and a recent news posting of second graders taking part in a “Hot Chocolate Poetry Hour

Clearly, given the pleasures of chocolate and possibilities of poetic expression this is not satisfactory. Suggestions as to what it will take to inspire the deserved more are now being accepted.

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