Start with Breakfast Chocolate

heart on chocolateDon’t listen to anyone who says beginning your day with chocolate is [pejoratively] indulgent. Scientists at Syracuse compiled research that a breakfast slice of peanut butter frosted, cauliflower infused chocolate cake should probably be an essential mind and body kickstart. Actually, you probably currently do worse by not rousing yourself from sleep with an offering (to your body, the temple) of a nibble or more of chocolate. It is probably even worth your time to consider consuming even more dark chocolate throughout the day, and proselytizing — albeit not to the point of being annoying — that friends and family do likewise.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely read again and often how eating chocolate (usually dark and with less sugar and lead than the drugstore varieties) has extraordinary benefits. Research indicates that eating it will make you happier; keep you calmer; add to your intelligence; could make you smarter; and, if your mother had cared enough about you to eat more, even added to your neo-natal development. It is helpful before and after a workout, should be a part of a general program of health, and, paradoxically, can even be eaten all day as a diet aid, with the caveat that a diet solely based in consuming chocolate and making incredible claims to solve all your problems is likely a hoax.

Think before you eat! As with all things cocoa-based, and most things generally, enjoy in moderation so as not to lose enjoyment of the flavoring in a misguided, maniacal quest toward some out-of-reach goal. In other words, eating chocolate all day should not become a life where you eat ONLY chocolate all day: doing so has been proven to make you sick, fortunately a reversible predicament. An aside, in Midas-myth form, the problem of “too much” is told by Patrick Skene Catling’s 1952 children’s book, The Chocolate Touch.

Summarizing: no surprise, we’re pro dark chocolate. Eat it all day, but never as the only thing you eat. Remember, science and scientists!

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