Give ’til It Tastes Well

chocolategoldmoney January is ended, as are many aspirations people began the year with — as demonstrated through their new year’s resolutions — dashed by their own stopdoingitiveness. However, there are folks, some part of the greater choco-community, who have persevered with their dreams into February.

So, if by chance you have saved money by quitting the gym or the weight loss program or the book or wine or cheese or whatever club you signed up for while in post-holiday self-help mode, there is still time and an easy way to make yourself feel better. Consider supporting folks looking for some financial support for their projects in chocolateland.

For example, you can help buy a new cocoa grinding machine for the Saqui Family and Maya Center Village to help produce a unique, Belizean chocolate that also — and, no, we’re not exactly sure we understand how — aids a jaguar preserve and cacao farm in the Central American country.

Also thought provoking, but in a very different way, is the request for funding of the promulgation of Naples, Fla., Judy Cakes’ fluffy chocolate covered beermallows (recipe and samples available for a $50 pledge), a combination of beer, chocolate and marshmallow that we bet you weren’t expecting to read about here either.

Although not strictly chocolate related, it is chocolate-relevant (and sad) that a proposed film will bring to light chocolate used for evil. Chocolate Boxes is Leeds’s Sean McMahon’s proposed student film telling a coming of age tale set in 1937 Yorkshire and taking its name from the explosive devices, strewn by Spanish Fascists where Spanish Republican children could find them.

Finally, while we are always admittedly a bit ambivalent about promoting competition, there is another reachout from fledlging chocolate makers, Cocoa Loco, trying to grow some wings in Stamford, Connecticut, who as part of their fund raising pitch promise a random distribution of a chocolate-covered Oreo or marshamallow in exchange for a pledge of $2.

Of course, if you happen to be coming to this post post-deadline for any of these funding campaigns, we encourage you to visit crowdfunding sources Kickstarter, GoFundMe, ChipIn, DonorsChoose, IndieGoGo, Quirky, Etsy and RocketHub [] to check out artists, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and (alas, yes, possibly) the overly self-indulgent and scam artists as well, who are trying throughout the year to live out their chocolate dreams … and maybe yours as well.

MegaBar Gets GigaPublicity

In case you hadn’t noticed,  the word record chocolate bar is wrapping us its world (U.S., really) tour . It returns to hometown Chicago (where its 12,000 pounds of monstrousness was concocted in the kitchens of World Finest Chocolate  for a final bow May 10.

The tour includes invitations to schoolchildren to think about what is a proper serving portion  and how they can use math in cooking. But what it really is about is marketing. We’re all in favor of promoting chocolate, but eater beware (comedentis caveat, in Latin). It seems unlikely the “World’s Finest Chocolate” really is — unless by “finest” you mean “capable of creating a megabar you can get lots of press for as a way to raise the profile of a company that offers cheap chocolates to schools who sell them dearly for a fund raising split.

Still, that much chocolate is something to behold

Worldwide Placebo Effect

No critic should ever criticize before tasting or at least taking in a whiff. STILL, we can’t help feel confident that the taste of the idea of The Placebo Chocolate Project is so much greater than the taste of the actual chocolate bar they’re peddling.

The idea is to give a kid a chocolate bar for every one that is purchased and to have the idea spread around the world. A lovely idea and currently in the process of offering everyone a chance to participate via kickstarter and gain their own chocolate smile.